Thursday, September 23, 2010


Life takes you on the journey which is a kind of expected vs unexpected.Pleasure ,Pain Agony,Dissatisfaction,Satisfaction walk hand in hand together.The more we try to unveil the hidden paths of future the more we find ourselves admist confusion.
Phases of boredom haunts us like slipping nail  through the concrete wall and we try to revive our likes to kill this boredom of ours one fine day........singing once we loved,painting we used to do ,travelling once we cherished and during these seconds of time we think to revive our hidden capabilities,our expertise.......we decide to do what we love most.
For me to paint well is my acquired gift from God as i was always gud at it.
Life has churned me out and doing painting on canvas will allow me to fill some colors in my life too,i so started with it but its not easy to fill colors as our mind which is undergoing so much of turmoil stops us to come out as a survivor from the situation which bothers us the most......
But i crave for happiness and just for the sake to give happy ending to my life i seek revival of my interests thinking that might be that is the only recepie to come out from the trauma of  boredom.
BOREDOM SUCKS.....and to kill it i chose to hope that this black and white life of mine will one day become colorful and my journey in the search of revival of fittest will make me the surviror among the fittest

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  1. Thats life......enjoy the journey.....dont wait for something good to happen. Create your own moments.

    Good luck for ur creative pursuit.....happYness will definitely follow :)


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